It's crazy to think that my journey started with a cheap digital camera and an obsession with babies, but that's exactly how it happened. While i was in college studying to be a labor and delivery nurse i took an elective class which just happened to be for digital photography. I never knew i was going to love it as much as i did. Everyday after i found my self photographing every moment of my daughters newborn stage. I looked at my husband and told him this was something i had to do. It wasn't realistic for me to keep having babies so it made sense for me to blend my love, my art and creativity along with my passion for babies, and nearly 8 years ago, I did just that.


This journey has led me down a path that I never could have imagined. since starting my business, i have photographed hundreds of babies, i have won awards for the art that i have created, i had my art published in several magazines. I even had two stories done from Spectrum News that aired on the TV!

Feel free to take a peak at the pieces the news did by using the press tab!

I continue to love my life more and more everyday.

There's always room to grow, and i never stop bringing my clients the best art i possibly can everyday!


I am truly humbled and flattered that you are considering me to capture this special time in your life and please know that should you choose me, I will love your baby and your family as my own.